Slide Slide Golden Tree Reinsurance A.M. Best Rated (bbb) Golden Tree Re is a Bermuda based commercial reinsurance company focused on the property
and casualty market.
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Golden Tree Re focuses on consumer related risk mainly in the Americas directly from Hamilton, Bermuda.


In-house custom designed risk management framework.

Our lines of business

Golden Tree Re currently writes excess of loss and quota share lines across the P+C market. We adapt our underwriting guidelines to each programs needs and risk appetite.

Current lines of business include:

  • Commercial credit
  • General liability
  • Group life
  • Pets
  • Renters
  • Auto

Golden Tree Reinsurance

Frequently Asked Questions
Reinsurance risk management, risk analysis, and risk assessment FAQs
All questions are valid

Please let us know what doubts or concerns you may have and if they are nos listed below, feel free to contact us directly.

Is Golden Tree Re able to insure any type of risk globally?

–Yes. Golden Tree Re can retain risk from any geographic location as long as it is within the property and casualty lines.

Is Golden Tree Re going to apply for an increase in its current A.M Best rating?

–Yes. Golden Tree Re will be able to move up a notch in 2022 from (bbb-).

Can Golden Tree Re underwrite other lines of business not currently active on their book of business?

–Correct. Golden Tree Re has the risk appetite to evaluate other lines of business and bind coverage if the underwriting is viable.

Can Golden Tree Re write third party risk?

–Correct. Golden Tree Re is fully licensed as a class 3A insurance company which enables binding coverages for third parties.